FAQs – Run

Prior to the Race

During the Race

After the Race


Prior to the Race

Q. Are the races just for women?
A. We created the Detroit Goddess Half Marathon, 10K, and 5K and the Ann Arbor Goddess 5K and Mile Run/Walk as races for women, in celebration of women. We welcome the favorite males in your life to sign up to run but they have to wear a skirt (just kidding) and are ineligible for prizes. Our other races, including the Ann Arbor Marathon, the Pi Run, the Firecracker 5K, the Red Dress Dash, the Beat the Heat 5K, the Hot Cocoa Classic 5K and Marshmallow Mountain Mile, and the Ann Arbor Turkey Trot are open to both male and female participants. Back to the top.

Q. Are there age limits for the races?
A. Each Epic Races running event has its own age restrictions. For specific details, check the event page for its age-group listings. Back to the top.

Q. How do I edit my registration (switch events, fix an error, change shirt sizes, etc.)?
A. It’s very easy to edit your registration info on Run Sign Up. Just log into your account, click the blue My Registered Races button, find the race you wish to edit, click View/Edit Registration, and make your modifications. Back to the top.

Q. How can we register as a group or team?
A. Several Epic Races runs, including the Ann Arbor Goddess 5K and the Detroit Goddess Half Marathon and 5K, are open for team/group participation. If you belong to a club, team, or just run with a bunch of coworkers or friends, you can sign your team up during registration. Check the individual event’s page for further details. Back to the top.

Q. What if I cannot make packet pick-up?
A. For safety, security, and insurance reasons, we prefer that you pick up your own packet. Please remember to bring a copy of your confirmation letter to packet pick-up. You may pick up packets for friends or family members, but please ensure you know you are picking up their packets for them. Packet pick-up is also held immediately before the start of each event. Back to the top.

Q. My name isn’t on the alpha list. I know I registered! What do I do?
A. If your name isn’t on our alphabetical list of participants, you must present a print-out of your confirmation email to verify that you did indeed register for our event. If you cannot present your confirmation email, you will need to register at race-weekend rates in order to participate.

Q. What do I do race morning when I arrive?
A. You’ll want to go to the main registration tent or pavilion. An Epic volunteer can direct you if you have difficulty finding it. Once there, you should:

  • Look up your race number on the alpha list
  • Proceed to the next table and pick up your race bib and packet if you have not yet already gone to packet pick-up.
  • Pin your race bib onto the front of your shirt or top (or shorts) so that it is clearly visible. Be sure not to tear or crumple it in any way, as this may affect the timing strip on the rear of the race bib.
  • If at any time you are unsure what to do or where to go, simply locate an Epic Races volunteer and they will assist you with any questions or issues you may have. Back to the top.

Q. What should I wear?
A. Anything that is comfortable for you! Many racers prefer a pair of running shorts and a tech shirt for warm-weather runs and running tights and a long-sleeved tech shirt for cooler runs. Others wear running tops or singlets, sweats, windbreakers, costumes, you name it! What matters is what is comfortable for you! Back to the top.

Q. Do we all start at once?
A. This depends on the event. For the majority of our races, participants are organized according to their pace, with the faster-paced competitors closer to the starting line. The start might be staggered by groups called waves; these are based on pace and are usually three minutes apart. At events where there are different distances — for example, a 5K and a mile run/walk, or a half marathon and a 5K — one distance often starts first, with the second distance starting after a short buffer period. At all running events, the fastest runners should line up to the front, with less-fast runners following, then walkers, then those participating with strollers. Back to the top.

Q. If I get injured before or during the race can I get a refund?
A. We do not give refunds. For more information, visit our web site’s Policies subsection. Back to the top.


During the Race

Q. Am I allowed to walk during the run?
A. Yes, absolutely! Remember these races are about YOU. Do what YOU feel comfortable doing, but be aware of cut-off times for races such as the Detroit Goddess Half Marathon, the Beat the Heat 5K, and the Firecracker 5K. Back to the top.

Q. Can I run barefoot?
A. While we recognize the growing movement towards running naturally, in bare feet, we strongly recommend that you wear comfortable, supportive running shoes. Protected feet means an unfortunate encounter with a sharp stick or rock will not end your race. Back to the top.

Q. Will there be pacers at the event?
A. Epic Races features pacers at many of our running events. Check the specific event page for further details. Back to the top.

Q. Can I run with a baby jogger/stroller or dog?
A. We do not allow conventional strollers at our events for safety reasons. Jogging strollers are permitted in most Epic Races events. If you do choose to run with a jogging stroller, please be aware that you must start at the back of the pack, your child must remained strapped in for the entirety of the race, you must stay to the right of the course at all times, and you may not exceed a 12:00-minute/mile pace (ie., a mile finish time of 12:00, a 5K finish time of 36:00, a 10K finish time of 1:12:00, etc.). Racing or running with a stroller may cause you to be stopped by an Epic staffer, receive a penalty, or be disqualified. See our Policies page for more details. Dogs are not permitted on the courses at Epic Races events due to insurance and safety reasons. Back to the top.

Q. Can I use headphones?
A. The use of personal music devices is strongly discouraged at Epic Races events. To enjoy all that our races have to offer and for the safety of all participants, Epic Races encourages a headphone-free environment during our running events. We believe your race experience and those around you will be greatly enhanced by leaving the headphones at home or in the car. Running headphones-free allows opportunities to develop camaraderie with your fellow runners and to enjoy everything a race has to offer. Plus, volunteers and spectators will be on course cheering you on and providing directions to help get you to the finish line. Runner safety has always been, and will continue to be, a top priority for our event. Please be mindful of the other participants and respect the race personnel to ensure a safe and enjoyable race for everyone. Back to the top.

Q. What rules of the road should I be following?
A. Learn about proper runners’ etiquette on the roads, at an event, on the course, at an aid station, at the finish line, and much more by visiting http://www.rrca.org/education/etiquette-for-runners. Back to the top.

Q. Will there be awards for the winners?
A. All finishers receive a finisher’s medal upon competing the event. Special awards are presented to the Overall Open and Overall Masters winners; we also present age-group awards. For specific details on awards, see the event page. Back to the top.

Q. What happens in the end of inclement weather?
A. Our events will take place rain, snow, or shine. Please review the Epic Races policy on inclement weather. Back to the top.


After the Run

Q. Will there be a photographer at the finish line?
A. Yes! Epic Races works with professional sports photographers who capture our racers in action on the course and at the finish line. These photos will be available for purchase within days of the race. Back to the top.

Q. Will there be any recovery foods or beverages after the race?
A. Yes! Thanks to our generous sponsors, Epic Races is always able to offer our race participants a variety of tasty snacks after our races. Back to the top.

Q. Can I volunteer?
A. Yes! Without volunteers, there are no events. To volunteer, click on the Volunteer button on the specific event page. Back to the top.