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We’re thrilled that you’ll be joining us for the Swim to the Moon! Read on for all the important information you’ll need to help you get ready for the big day. Please check back here frequently for updates, and if you plan to print this guide, please wait until the day before the race as some information may change.

As of August 10, 2021, we are requiring all participants to wear a mask on the shuttle bus.

We will have a pre-race Z0om meeting at 7 p.m. ET on Wednesday, August 11.  Have all your questions answered and then some! CLICK HERE TO JOIN

Personal Swim Buoys are allowed, but they MUST be a color other than orange.  If you are at the start line with an orange personal swim buoy, you will not be able to use it in the event.

Packet pickup is the day before the race at Halfmoon Lake Beach.  (See Packet Pickup tab for details.) We really prefer you pick up your packet then, but if you absolutely can’t, it will be available the morning of the race at Halfmoon Beach beginning at 5:45 a.m.

Race Start Time and locations

Park Opens at 5:00 a.m.

6:30 a.m.:  10K begins at Halfmoon Lake Beach

7:30 a.m. (approximately):  5K begins at North Star Reach Camp at Patterson Lake when the 10K swimmers begin their turn-around for the second half of their swim back to Halfmoon Lake Beach

Packet pick-up closes at 9:15 a.m.

Mandatory meeting on beach at 9:15 a.m.

9:30 am: 1.2 mile and .5 mile begin at Halfmoon Lake Beach

All swimmers should go to 8690 Hankerd Rd, Gregory, MI 48137

Parking will only be available at Halfmoon on race day.  NO parking at North Star Reach. Please be sure you have a current Recreation Passport.  Vehicles without Recreation Passports will be issued notices to pay the fee.  Out of staters can purchase a one-day pass at packet pickup that will be good for both days. For details and pricing for both in-state and out-of-state Recreation Passports CLICK HERE.

Shuttle buses for 5K swimmers will begin at 5:45 a.m. and leave every 15 minutes from Halfmoon Lake Beach to North Star Reach Camp.  The last bus will leave at 7:00 a.m.

Gear Check Bags will be provided at packet pickup for you to leave your extra clothing at the start.  Bags for 5K swimmers will be transported to the finish area. YOU MAY NOT USE YOUR OWN BAG.

10K Swimmers may check a “Special Needs” bag where they can put anything “special” that they may “need” at the 5K turnaround point.  These 10×14 clear plastic bags will be provided and will be transported to the turnaround point to be retrieved or ignored at that point.  Unused bags will be available to claim at Gear Check, but if not claimed will be discarded.

5K and 10K Swimmers:  You will be passing through a tunnel.  10Kers will swim through it twice, 5Kers once.  You will know when you are there.  Please expect oncoming swimmers both directions.  There will be a lane of very small buoys down the middle.  Stay to the right in each direction.  NO PASSING!!  A 5-minute penalty will be given to anybody who passes or attempts to pass in the tunnel or when entering or exiting.

A $10 fundraising minimum is required to for all 10K and 5K participants.

Swim to the Moon has a large fundraising component and was originally established to help build North Star Reach, a camp for kids with serious health challenges.  We have been fortunate to be able use this incredible camp as the start of our 5K and the turn-around for our 10K since the beginning of the event and when camp was just and idea. If you come to packet pickup on Saturday, you will be able to have a tour and see it all for yourself.

If you are in the 10K or 5K and arrive to packet pickup without this minimum amount raised, you will be asked to make a donation for the remaining balance in order to swim. We want you to participate and will do what we can to make it happen.  If this is truly a financial burden, please let us know and we will help how we can, but due to event costs and to ensure fairness and consistency to all participants, we thank you for your compliance.

If you would like to take care of your donation before race day, please see below:

During registration, you were asked to establish yourself as a fundraiser. If you missed this, please click here.

To donate to your campaign, or to enable others to be able to donate, please click here and follow the steps shown below:

Participants may also bring $10 to packet pickup, however, online donations are simpler for all parties involved.

Packet pickup will be available 1:00 – 3:00 p.m. the day before the event at the event location:
Halfmoon Lake Beach
8725 Hankerd Rd, Gregory, MI 48137

If you can’t make it the day before, you can pick up your packet race morning beginning 5:30 a.m.

There is parking available at the race site. Vehicles with a Recreation Passport will not need an additional fee.  Vehicles without Recreation Passports will need to pay when entering the park.  If you arrive so early that nobody is at the gate to pay, you may find something that looks like a ticket when you return to your car.  No need to fret, it is not a ticket, just a notice asking you to pay the regular fee.  For details and pricing for both in state and out of state Recreation Passports CLICK HERE.

There will be aid stations with water, Gatorade, and GU at miles 1, 2, 3.1, 4, 5.  10K swimmers may check a “special needs” bag, containing anything “special” that you may “need”. This bag will be available at the 3.1 mile mark.

Race-Weekend Schedule
Saturday, August 14

1:00 PM — Packet Pick-Up and Registration Open
2:30 PM — Open-Water Swim Clinic with Chris Thompson
3:00 PM — Packet Pick-Up and Registration Close

Sunday, August 15

5:30 AM — Packet pick-up and registration open
5:45 AM — Shuttle buses from Halfmoon Lake Beach to Patterson Lake/North Star Reach start departing every 15 minutes
6:30 AM — Mandatory meeting on the beach for 10K swimmers

6:40 AM — *10K Speed Demon Wave starts
6:41 AM — 10K time-trial start (participants start one at a time, 3 seconds apart)
7:00 AM — Last shuttle to Patterson Lake/North Star Reach departs
7:30 AM — Mandatory meeting on the beach for 5K swimmers

7:45 AM — *5K Speed Demon Wave starts
7:46 AM — 5K time-trial start (participants start one at a time, 3 seconds apart)

9:00 AM — Post-race athlete brunch (approximate time)
9:15 AM –  Packet pickup closes and mandatory meeting for all 1.2-mile and half-mile swimmers on Halfmoon Lake Beach begins

9:30 AM — *1.2-Mile and .5-Mile swims: time-trial start (participants start one at a time, 3 seconds apart)

Wondering if you won an award?

You can check several ways:
>>First, note the age groups and award categories on the event website.
>>Visit the results table which will set up by the awards table.
>>Check the “results” tab on the event website.
If you did win an award, you can pick it up at the award table. We know your time is valuable. For this reason, we offer grab-n-go awards. Grab your award, take a moment for the photo opp on the podium, then go!

Want freaky fast results?

When you registered you were asked to add your cell phone number and/or cell phone numbers of anybody who may care about how you do in tomorrow’s race.  You likely were in such a hurry to register that you just skipped over that part.  We ask for that so we can send you a text right after you cross the finish line to let you know how well you did in the race.  We will also text other numbers you give us.  Additionally, people can login to the results during the race to see where you are on the course. If you want to add numbers or double check that you added numbers, please follow these instructions:

For those visiting the Ann Arbor area for this race, visit Destination Ann Arbor’s website for information on hotels, restaurants, and other fun attractions and activities. We hope you enjoy your stay and race in our wonderful and unique city! You can also find more information on Destination Ann Arbor’s social media below.