Marie Brooks

Charity Champion & Registration Director

As the kid who had to sit out of middle-school gym class because her asthma made the teachers nervous, I consider every athletic endeavor I take on to be sweet vindication. I started running in college just to see if I could, and I still remember the thrill of completing my first mile! Since then, I’ve kept running as a part of my life in some form, from 5Ks to marathons and everything in between. My asthma has not only never held me back, it has also vastly improved over the years and with each successive mile. I added yoga around 2001 and find that the combination of both practices keeps me physically and mentally healthy and happy. Even though I’m as likely to be hiking as running these days, I am forever grateful for each run I take and I still get a little “take that, asthma!” feeling every time I finish a run. I am very excited to be part of the Epic Races team. I love the energy and excitement of race day and look forward to seeing so many athletes achieve their goals. I will work my hardest to make sure the experience is a positive one for all of our fabulous participants!

Jenn Beams

Assistant Race Director and Swim Director

“Tri Goddess Tri: Michigan’s First All-Women’s Triathlon” read the caption that changed my life. I have always been a competitive swimmer, and I was looking for new ways to get back in shape after having the first of my four children. The idea of doing my first triathlon — and of being part of something historic — piqued my interest. I gathered a few friends and we all signed up. I had the time of my life! I was so inspired by the incredible camaraderie and support offered by women to each other during the race. Women were cheering each other on as they competed against each other! That amazed me and motivated me to continue in my new sport. Currently my focus is on the Aquabike event, also known as “swim, bike, done!” Running is a newfound joy for me and a work in progress.

Along with a love of swimming, I have a passion for education. I hold a Master in the Art of Teaching degree as well as certifications in American Red Cross Lifeguarding Instructor, Waterfront Lifeguarding, First Aid, CPR, and AED. I am also a certified USA Swimming Member Coach and World Open Water Swim Association (WOWSA) Open Water Swimming Coach.

I am thrilled to be a part of Epic Races, where the camaraderie is real and all athletes are celebrated like champions.

Jae Hotaling

Communications Director

I am not a runner, swimmer, cyclist, or triathlete. I am, however, the husband of a runner/triathlete and father to sons who love to run. I came to Epic Races through my role as my family’s support person. Every now and then, one of my kids or my wife, Ana, might persuade me to do a race — the 2016 Pi Run, for example, was my first virtual 5K… my first 5K, period — but I’m content to stay on the sidelines, serving as Epic’s Communications Director and in whatever other capacity Epic needs me to fill. When I’m not at one of our race events, I’m working as the network administrator for a local public school system or fulfilling my role as a Master Sergeant in the US Army Reserves.

Lou Ann Dixon

Assistant Operations Director

I have been competitively swimming since I was 5 years old. Swimming has been the
one constant of my life, giving me the opportunities to travel, go to college, have
great mentors, and see the individual development of other athletes. I compete in triathlons (since 1998) and open-water swims throughout the Midwest, and I was fortunate enough to discover Epic Races. I have enjoyed Epic’s races and am excited to join Eva and her team! I look forward to helping all the new and returning athletes achieve great and safe race experiences!

Tammy McCullough

Assistant Race Director and Bike-Course Director

I entered the field of triathlon competitions as a way to get back in shape after having children.  I finished my first sprint triathlon in 2004 and, just five years later, successfully completed the Louisville Ironman (140.6). I like to challenge myself physically and have competed in such events as the Boston Marathon, the Lumberjack 100-mile mountain bike race, and the Ruicci Cup Women’s Ice Hockey Tournament. I am excited to be part of the Epic Races team and look forward to seeing you at our events!

Todd Gillihan

Transition and Finish-Line Director

I'm just the average addicted triathlete, ready for the next twist to
this sport. I was fairly heavy into training when I was hit by a
cyclist during the South Haven qualifier race in 2012. After spinal-fusion surgery in early 2014, I'm glad to be able to walk again
and someday may join back in as a competitor. For now, I'll be
the loudmouth playing Transition and Finish-Line Director. I took a lot of advice from
Epic's CEO, Eva, early on and took a few of her courses for the
novice triathlete. She's put on some great races and it's nice to be
part of the Epic Races team.

Katelyn Schaible

Assistant Race Director and Expo/Medical Director

In my 10+ years as a paramedic, I have worked EMS, in the Emergency Department at the University of Michigan and, most recently, with the U of M Hospital SWAT team, transporting the critically ill within the hospital. I started running casually to get back in shape after my first son was born. It wasn’t until a few friends talked me into signing up for the Disney Princess Half Marathon that I started running and training consistently. I surprised myself and pushed my training schedule up a little so that I could run the Detroit Women’s Half. There is no feeling quite like crossing the finish line of your first half…  I fell in love with it quickly! Whether I am pushing my youngest in the jogger or enjoying some much-needed time to myself, I never regret lacing up my running shoes. I love the running and tri community. Everyone is welcoming and supportive, and there are so many inspiring people out there! I look forward to bringing my years of experience to the Epic Team. It a treat to be able to combine my love of running with my passion for taking care of people.

Michael Parker

Assistant Race Director and Run-Course Director

I hold a B.S. in Exercise Science from Eastern Michigan University and am a a certified personal trainer through the American College of Sports Medicine. I’ve participated in endurance sports from childhood, starting out in short track in-line speed skating, which afforded me multiple achievements at the national level. Eventually I moved on to cycling, running, and swimming, with an ever-growing focus on longer events. I have completed Ironman events, including multiple 70.3 finishes and Ironman Wisconsin. I have focused on 50-mile ultramarathon trail races and I continue to be called to the allure of full Ironman racing. I am excited to bring my organizational skills and athlete’s perspective to Epic Races as an Assistant Race Director and as the Run-Course Director.

Kathleen Schorin

Race-Day Sign-Up Director

I live in Ann Arbor with my two college-aged kids, both of whom attend the University of Michigan. Prior to Ann Arbor, I lived in Burlington, VT and in Saratoga Springs, NY. I’m looking forward to seeing our participants meet their racing goals as Epic’s Race-Day Registration Sign-Up Director.

Mary Culbertson

Assistant Race Director and Merchandise Manager

I started running in my 30s, three years after my daughter was born. I was inspired by my mother, who decided to start running marathons at age 50. She has since competed in five marathons and countless other races, and let’s just say it’s not much fun when your mother can outrun you! So, shortly after turning 30, I started training for my first half marathon… when I could barely run a mile without stopping! Since I wasn’t sure I could finish the race myself – and feeling like I could use all the support I could get – I talked three coworkers into competing and fundraising for Team in Training. We all accomplished our first half marathons at the Nike Women’s Marathon in San Francisco. After that, I was hooked, which is why I am so excited to help bring the Detroit Goddess Festival of Races — a women’s-only event — to Southeast Michigan.