Frequently Asked Epic Questions

We know that life happens and sometimes plans change so we have several options that may work for you.

  • If you purchased insurance during registration, you can file a claim and will be refunded as long as it falls within their criteria:
    File a claim with Allianz at
  • If you purchased the refundable race option (offered for Ann Arbor Marathon, all triathlons, and Swim to the Moon), and it is 3 weeks before race day, send an email to with REFUNDABLE RACE OPTION: NAME OF RACE in the subject line and you will receive a full refund minus the cost of the refundable entry.

If you declined insurance and didn’t purchase a refundable race, we hope that one of these options works for you:

The options are all available to you before race day.  We are not able to help with any of the above within 3 days of the race and no deferrals or transfers can happen after race day.  No refunds will be given for unclaimed race transfers.

You may defer your race up to 3 weeks prior to race day.  Simply follow THESE INSTRUCTIONS.

We’ve updated our policy! Now, to receive your unclaimed T-shirts, awards, merch, and other items simply fill out THIS FORM. It’s that easy!

We’ve updated our policy! Now, to receive your unclaimed T-shirts, awards, merch, and other items simply fill out THIS FORM. It’s that easy!

As long as it is more than 2 weeks before race date, you can make that change.  FOLLOW THESE INSTRUCTIONS

All entry fees are non-refundable. That means that once we receive and accept your entry, you will not receive a refund if you cannot participate.  Epic Races, in accordance with management executives, city officials, and local law enforcement has the authority to cancel any of the events for emergency purposes such as, but not limited to, inclement weather, threat of terrorism, or a pandemic. If such emergency conditions force cancelation, refunds, cannot be provided since funds will have been spent in preparation for race day.

However, if you purchased insurance from Allianz during registration, and you cannot race because of one of their covered reasons, you may put in a claim for a full refund.

You can file a claim with Allianz at

If we do find ourselves with extraordinary circumstances and do need to cancel, we will do our best to give you full value for your entry fee.  We will give you options which may include doing your race virtually, deferring to the following year, switching to another Epic Race, and in some cases we may be able to postpone the race.

Please note: We love what we do and what we do is put on events. After months and months of planning, coordinating and making our very best effort to create a race experience that we consider the best of the best, the last thing we ever want to do is cancel a race. We also understand that athletes devote a significant amount of their time, money and effort preparing for a race. If we need to make the difficult decision or are mandated to cancel,  it’s a great disappointment for us and we know it’s a great disappointment to you. Unfortunately, though, that is the risk we share. You may feel you are entitled to a full refund in this situation, but this is not feasible given the costs incurred by race day. At the time, your money is in the form of permits, police detail, medals, awards, T-shirts, food, salaries, rent, nonrefundable deposits for entertainment, and so much more. If you can’t accept the terms of this partnership, we respectfully ask that you don’t register for our events.


What do I get with the refundable registration option?

With the refundable registration option, you can cancel your entry for any reason up to 3 weeks before the event and receive your full entry fee minus the $20 protection coverage.  You may not cancel for any reason within 3 weeks of the race, but if we need to cancel the race for any reason, you will receive your entire race entry fee.

What if I don’t choose the refundable option?

Without the refundable option, if you choose to cancel your entry, you may defer your entry to the following year for a $20 fee up to 3 weeks before the race. After that time, you may not make any changes to your race entry, but if we need to cancel the race for any reason, you will be able to defer to next year’s race at no additional cost.

What if I deferred my race from last year? 

If you deferred your race from last year you were automatically added to this year’s race. Click the links below and search for your name to verify that your entry was deferred. If you do not find your name and feel that you should have been deferred please email us at

2021 American Home Fitness Women Run the D: Detroit Women’s Half Marathon, 10K, and 5K Participant Search 

2021 Probility Ann Arbor Marathon Participant Search 

2021 The Original Kroger A2 Turkey Trot Participant Search

Please visit the shirt exchange table after the race.  If we have your size available, you can exchange it.  If the race has already passed and you need us to send you a shirt or you want to exchange your size:

We’ve updated our policy! Now, to receive a different T-shirt size, simply fill out THIS FORM. It’s that easy!  Please note: shirt sizes are not guaranteed once the event has been completed. See instructions here.


Please refer to the “Athlete Guide” linked to the page at the top right of the race website. All race websites can be found at if you don’t have the direct link. You will also find packet pickup information about 3/4 the way down of the race website. It will look something like the image below.

Packet PickupFriday, XXXX – Packet Pick-Up will be from XXXX p.m. – XXXX p.m. at Epic Races HQ 600 S. Wagner Rd. Ann Arbor, MI 48103.

Saturday, March XXXX – Packet pick-up will be from XXXX a.m. to XXXX a.m. under the white tent at Portage Lake State Park.

Please refer to the Athlete Guide for your race.  All Athlete Guides are updated 2 weeks prior to race date.

The race will happen rain, snow, or shine.  The only thing that will delay, or in some cases, cancel the race, is dangerous weather. Please see our inclement weather policy here.

We do our best to give every participant ample time to cross the finish line.  Most of our events do not have cut-off times.  We do have cut-off times for the races listed below, and for some, we also offer an early start option. All races with cutoff times offer more than one distance. If you do not think you will be able to cross the finish line in the time allowed, please choose the lesser distance.

Waterloo G&G: All participants in the 100K must begin their second loop 3 hours from their start time.  At this time, the sag vehicle will begin cleaning the course and anybody behind the sag vehicle is advised to head to the finish line and call it a 50K!

Ann Arbor Marathon: All full-marathon participants must be at mile 14 by 11:15 a.m. At this time, the sag vehicle will start on the course. At this time, the sag vehicle will begin cleaning the course and anybody behind the sag vehicle is advised to head to the finish line and call it a half-marathon finish!

Island Lake Triathlon: Swim will be cut off 1 hour after the last wave, Bike will cut off 3 hours 15 minutes hours after the Swim+Bike, Finish Line will close after 4 1/2 Hours

Battle of Waterloo:
Full Battle participants must reach Leg 4 by 2 hours and 25 minutes after the start of the race. Participants who do not meet the cutoff time will be asked to finish the race via Leg 4 of Half the Battle. These participants will be entered into a new, hybrid race category and will still be eligible for awards!
Leg 6 — must reach Leg 6 in 4 hours or by 11:30 a.m.
Leg 8 — must reach Leg 8 in 5 hours, 20 minutes or by 1:10 p.m.
Finish — must reach the finish line in 7 hours or by 2:30 p.m. (Finish area will begin being cleaned up at 1:15 p.m.)

Ann Arbor Tri: Swim will be cut off  1 hour after the last wave. Bike will cut off 3  hours 15 minutes after the Swim+Bike. Finish Line will close after 4 1/2 Hours.

Swim to the Moon: 10K Swim will be cut off at 3 hours at the North Star Reach turnaround, 5K cutoff is 3 hours from the start time of the last swimmer.  All swimmers still in the water at noon will be picked up.

Ugly Dog Tri: Swim will be cut off 45 minutes after the last wave, Bike will cut off 3 hours after the Swim+Bike, Finish Line will close after 4 Hours

American Home Fitness Detroit Women’s Half Marathon: 4 Hours

We love dogs!! We do not, however, allow them on the course unless they are service dogs.  If you are going to bring your service dog, please let us know ahead of time.  We do enjoy having dogs as spectators though, so if you would like your dog to spectate, please leave it with a fellow 2-legged spectator.

Our triathlon, duathlon, aquabike, and swim races are all sanctioned by USA Triathlon, and headphones are not allowed. Regardless of the rule, we want you to get the full race experience. We want you to hear the cowbells, the cheers, and volunteer instructions, so please, no headphones.

Headphones are allowed in our running races, but for safety, we encourage you to use bone conduction, only one earbud, or keep the volume very low so you can hear your surroundings.

Strollers are allowed in all of our running races. Strollers are not allowed in our triathlons, bike races, or swims.
When participating in a running race with a stroller, we ask that you stay to the side of the pack and not weave in and out of other participants.

Island Lake Tri: 73

Tri Goddess Tri: 75

Ugly Dog Tri: 77

Battle of Waterloo: 79

Ann Arbor Tri: 78

Swim to the Moon: 78

Please understand that this is the average water temperature and can be different race day, we just don’t know.  Please do not email us asking the water temperature.  We will post in the Athlete Guide when we have updates.

See the different triathlon distances as defined by USA Triathlon here.