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Guinness World Record holder to open 3.14 mile Pi Day race

ANN ARBOR, MI — Epic Races’ annual Pi Day race will be seeing a touch of fame with a visit from a Guinness World Record holder.

Ann Arbor’s Epic Races will host its eighth annual Run 3.14 Pi(e) run starting at 9 a.m. on Saturday, March 12 at Hudson Mills Metropark, 8801 N. Territorial Road in Dexter. The 3.14-mile race includes an optional pie-eating contest and an opportunity for a pie in the face at the finish line. Finishers will receive a shirt and 3.14-inch medal.

The race also includes a children’s race with a .1415926 mile course, roughly 250 meters.

The Run 3.14 Pi(e) race is held in honor of Pi Day celebrating the mathematical constant of Pi, which begins with 3.14.

Riley McLincha, who will be the honorary starter of the race, held the Guinness World Record in 1978 for being able to recite pi to 7,500 decimal places.

“Being a Guinness World Record holder totally changed my life,” McLincha said in a statement announcing the race. “For one thing, everybody thought I was some sort of genius… I began looking at myself more positively and went on to accomplish many things I’d never before thought possible.”

In addition to opening the race with the national anthem and “an impressive number of digits,” Epic Races said in a release, McLincha, 72, will also be participating in the race. Instead of running, though, he will be doing what he calls “drubbling,” the act of dribbling three basketballs in a juggling pattern while running.

In addition to the Guinness World Record title, he also holds the unofficial record for the one mile while dribbling three basketballs.

“I invented drubbling 29 years ago,” McLincha said. “It has not been duplicated in a race yet. That’s a testament to how hard it is, or how stupid it is, the verdict is still out.”

Sign up for the Run 3.14 Pi(e) race online. The race will start at 9 a.m. on Saturday, March 12 at Hudson Mills Metropark, 8801 N. Territorial Road in Dexter. Registration for the full-length course is $50 and $20 for the children’s course. Find Epic Races online, on social media or by phone at 734-585-7101.

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