Be a Hero to Your Buddy: The I Run 4 Foundation

Epic Races recognizes the compassion, support, and friendship that exists between a runner and their I Run 4 buddy. To help your buddy feel more special, we’ve created a race add-on so that your buddy can receive his or her own Epic Races event medal. The I Run 4 buddy medal add-on is available for all actual Epic Races running/walking events (sorry, buddy medals are not offered for our virtual events).

When you register for an Epic Races event, you will be offered the opportunity to purchase your buddy medal as part of the registration process. The fee for the buddy medal includes shipping and handling to your mailing address. All buddy medals will be shipped out the week following the event. Please note that buddy medals can only be shipped to the address with which you registered as a race participant. We cannot ship buddy medals directly to buddies.

We applaud those athletes who dedicate their miles to buddies with special needs, children whose conditions span the spectrum from total physical disability to developmental delays to autism spectrum disorders and more. Look for the IR4 add-on when you register or log into Run Sign Up to manage your registration and add the IR4 add-on. For more information on the I Run 4 program or to be matched with a buddy of your own, visit the I Run 4 web site. Please note that IR4 buddy medals may only be purchased by athletes who are participating in an actual Epic Races event (sorry, no buddy medals offered in our virtual events) and who are officially matched with an IR4 buddy. The funds from orders received from unaffiliated participants or from purchases by virtual-race participants will be donated to the IR4 Foundation.