Michigan Recreation Passport


Park Entry

A State Park permit, or Recreation Passport, is needed to enter Waterloo State Recreation Area. A permit costs $16 for automobiles and $11 for motorcycles per year for Michigan residents; out-of-state residents will be required to purchase a daily permit for $9 or an annual permit for $32. If you come to the park on a bike (or on roller skates, skateboard, horse, or walking), you will not need to pay for a daily permit.

RecreationPassportMichigan residents are not able to purchase the daily permit, only the annual permit for $16. Michigan residents who checked “YES” for the Recreation Passport when they renewed their license plate already possess a Recreation Passport: it’s the two tiny Ps printed at the top and bottom of your license-plate sticker, as well as the words “Recreation Passport” on your registration. Epic Races is thrilled to have our wonderful state park system for our events, for training, and sometimes just to visit and enjoy. These permits ensure support for our amazing park lands.

The park rangers will have in-state and out-of-state permits available for purchase. If, for some reason, you park your car without a permit, you will receive what appears to be a ticket on your car. It is not a ticket; it is a notice. Please take the notice to the entry gate and pay the daily or annual fee. Please direct any questions to the DNR.

For more information and to purchase a Recreation Passport, please visit the Michigan DNR website page.

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