Our Epic Heart Heroes

HeartHeroJen7Along with our partner Fellow Flowers, the American Home Fitness Detroit Women’s Half Marathon, 10K, and 5K searches yearly for a few amazing women: runners or walkers of any age and fitness level that embody the qualities of an Epic Heart Hero.

What is an Epic Heart Hero?

  • A woman who has come back from a heart issue and has taken control of her health.
  • Refuses to let her heart condition stop her.
  • Approaches life with passion and strength, as she knows too well how short life can be.
  • Embraces a healthful lifestyle, knows the risk factors for heart disease and stroke, and takes action to minimize that risk.
  • Helps educate others about these risk factors so that they too can take control of their heart health.

What will an Epic Heart Hero do?

  • She will share her heart story and serve as a spokesperson for the American Heart Association and the American Home Fitness Detroit Women’s Half Marathon, 10K, and 5K
  • She will represent the Epic Heart Heroes at the Women Run the D Expotique on race weekend
  • Appear at Epic Heart Heroes promotional events
  • Share her heart story with the media upon request
  • Will commit to running her race with courage, integrity, and good sportsmanship
  • Serve as an amazing role model for all of our participants

In exchange, an Epic Heart Hero will be given free entry to her distance of choice at the American Home Fitness Detroit Half Marathon, 10K, and 5K.


Epic Heart Hero FAQsHeartHeroElena

Q. Does an Epic Heart Hero have to be a good runner?
A. No! Our Epic Heart Heroes have varied in running ability, with many of our past Epic Heart Heroes being walkers. An Epic Heart Hero should have prior race experience. 

Q. Does an Epic Heart Hero have to be perfect in her heart-health regimen?
A. No, but she has to be actively working towards being healthy and committed to change.

Q. Does an Epic Heart Hero have to be a woman?
A. Yes!  While we recognize that men and children also suffer from heart disease, and Epic Heart Hero also represents the American Heart Association’s Go Red for Women campaign and must, therefore, be a woman. 

Become an Epic Heart Hero

 If you or someone you know embodies what it means to be an Epic Heart Hero, you can click here for the online nomination form. Nominations are due in by Mother’s Day each year, with the newest Epic Heart Heroes being announced in the summer.

Meet Our Epic Heart Heroes

2018 Heart Heroes

Tiffany Polisena Amy DiStefano
Tracy Fallu Janine Moon

2017 Heart Heroes

Dianne Cameron  Laura Marentette  Yasmin Mullings
Jessica Rausch Lisa Salberg Diana Schneider


2016 Heart Heroes

Valerie Diem Megan Fuhlman Fabiola Gisselle Garnett
  April Hudson  Rachel Kain


2015 Heart Heroes

Erica Dahlgren Stephanie Festian  Karen Grams  Ana Hotaling Amanda Kessler
Sara Landschoot  Pam Mace  Diane Morse  Savannah Ott  Dontia Warren


2014 Heart Heroes

Courtney Alexander Rachel Bishop Fabiola Gisselle Garnette Shawna Gurgul
Teresa Mudrow Tracy Sekula Elena Stone Januari Street

2013 Heart Heroes

Aimee Bingham Kristin Byrne Sarah Escutia Terrie Hall Shawn Hill
Rose Kreger Jen Schwartz Linda Shaw Renee Vettorello
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