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Sunday, March 24, 2019 @ 7:30 a.m.
Please note that there have been changes to the relay system.  We now have heated coach buses with bathrooms to shuttle between the start and finish! An email will be going out Sunday night with a full explanation for a smooth and super fun race!  

Relay-handoffThe Basics

  • A team of 2-4 runners will cover the entire 26.2 mile distance.
  • Each runner will run one leg of 6.05 or 7.05 miles. The team can have as few as 2 members competing. This will require that 2 team members run 2 legs.
  • All teams will be Male/Female/All Ages.
  • Teams will be scored using this handicap system:

Part 1: Registration

If you are a Team Captain:

  1. CLICK HERE to register for our event.
  2. Select “Marathon Relay”
  3. Continue with Registration, including filling out the following questions:
    1. “CREATE TEAM”
    2. Pay for the registration in full, your team members will pay you back!

If you are Team Member:

Team members are invited to join a team or already have plans of joining an existing relay team. Since your team captain paid for your event in full, you are not charged during registration. Please be sure to pay them back!

  1. CLICK HERE to register for our event.
  2. Select: “Marathon Relay – “JOIN A TEAM”
  3. Continue with Registration
  4. Finish and complete the registration. You are now registered on the team and your Team Captain will be receiving an email that you joined.

For further explanation about how to register and/or join a team CLICK HERE.

As a Team Captain:

  • You’ll get an email every time somebody registers for your team.
  • You will be responsible for getting individuals registered on time for your team.

As a Team Member:

  • You must know your team before signing up.
  • You are responsible for registering yourself, on time, for your correct team.

Part 2: Race Day
Each team members will get an official race bib that does not have a timing chip. All members must wear it on the outside of their top. Each team will receive ONE timing belt with one team bib. This will be buckled around the active runner and will be passed to each team member. Teams will receive individual and total times. You will receive all bibs, belt, and timing chip at packet pickup.  We really recommend picking up your packet at the expo on Saturday!

Please use our buses for transportation to Gallup Park if you are running leg 2 or 4.
Here is what you need to know about the buses:

  • The first bus will leave from 5th and Madison at 7:20 a.m.
  • The second bus will leave from the same location at 8:30 a.m.
  • When the second bus arrives at Gallup, the first bus will head back to the start line with those who have finished leg one. It will then shuttle back and forth from the start/finish area to Gallup Park until noon.  Any leg 3 runners arriving at Gallup Park after 12:00 noon will need to be picked up by their wonderful teammates or at least get reimbursed by their teammates for an Uber.
  • Bag check will be available for legs 1 & 3 to have dry clothes waiting at Gallup Park and for legs 2 & 4 to leave a bag of excess clothing to be transported back to the start/finish area. The bags and labels will be available at our “bag check” area as well as on the buses.  You may not use your own bag and all contents within the bag will need to be visible.  Any other bags will be left behind.

Leg #1 (7.05 miles)
You will begin at the official start line with everybody.  If you would like to have warm, dry clothes for you when you finish your leg, you should put your belongings in a “bag check” bag and put it in the cargo area of the 7:20 a.m. bus.  You can get a bag at our “bag check” area and we will also have them on the bus. When you arrive at Gallup Park, your stuff will be there and there will be a bus to transport you back to the start/finish area.

Leg #2 (6.05 miles)
You will take the bus to Gallup Park and may leave your belongings in the cargo area of the bus as long as they are in one of our supplied bags. Your belongings will be available to you at the “bag check” of the start/finish area.

Leg #3 (7.05 miles)
This transfer spot is at Green and Hill. There is a parking lot there. We encourage you to arrive early to secure a spot in that lot.  We will do our best to reserve it only for “Leg 3” participants.  You can access the lot by entering Green off of Division.  The road will have a barricade, but you will be let in if you can produce your bib showing you are on a relay team. Before staging yourself to run, you may want to put your warm, dry clothes in a “bag check” bag in the cargo area of the 8:30 a.m. bus so they will be there for you when you arrive at Gallup Park.

Leg #4 (6.05 miles)
Same as leg #2, but you may want to take the 8:30 a.m. bus as opposed to the 7:20 a.m bus. Your choice!
When you are approaching the finish line, your teammates will join you to the finish where you will all receive your well-deserved medals because there is no “I” in TEAM!