Relay Team Rules & Information

THE BASICSThe relay team usually consists of one swimmer, one biker, and one runner. At our events, we will allow one of the relay Relay hand-off members to do two of the “legs,” meaning one person can choose to do two of the three sports and the other team member does one.  Teams can be all male, all female, or mixed gender.  If we have more than 5 of one team type entered, we will have awards based on the individual category, otherwise all teams will be in one competition.


Yes, they can! If you have trouble finding a person to complete your relay team, we will allow someone competing as an individual to do your first segment or first two segments of the event, then pass off the relay timing device to you. It is important for the individual racer to know that they have to go to the designated relay-team exchange point (as described below) to give their team member the relay timing chip before they proceed with their own individual competition. The most popular example of this is an individual racer “doing the swim leg” for a team.


  • Relay teams will be assigned a race number.
  • Your team will use your assigned number for all race logistics.
  • All relay team members need to be body marked with the assigned team number.
  • The relay team runner must have the race bib number and is required to present this number to pick up the team timing chip and give it to the relay team swimmer on race morning before the start.
  • There is a sign in the transition area designating the relay “timing chip” hand-off area. All relay chip exchanges will take place by this sign. Please locate the sign before the race start!
  • The swimmer wears the timing chip during the swim. The swimmer will proceed to the relay exchange point and pass the chip to the biker in the exchange area ONLY.
  • The biker can be fully dressed with helmet and shoes on if they so choose.
  • The biker proceeds to your assigned bike rack (bike racks are assigned by your race number range),  gets the bike, and exits transition to start the bike portion of the race.
  • The biker returns to transition and racks the bike in same assigned bike rack location. The biker then proceeds to the relay exchange point and passes the timing chip to the runner. All exchanges of chips take place in this area ONLY to minimize congestion in the transition area.
  • The runner proceeds out of transition from the relay exchange point with the paper race bib number on the front of their body.
  • The runner crosses  the finish line with the paper race bib number on the front of their body. If desired, the other members of the relay team can join their teammate as she approaches the finish chute and run the last stretch across the finish line with her. Just make sure that only the team member designated to do the running leg is wearing the team bib and timing chip. Please be aware of individual participants and do not block them as they are running towards the finish line!
  • The timing chip will be collected at that time.
  • All relay team members receive their own finisher’s medal.
Thank you and have an epic race!