Protect Your Entry Fees with TicketGuardian!

Epic Races understands that, despite meticulous planning and dedicated training, life sometimes interferes and disrupts your race schedule. You might have unexpected guests, out-of-the-blue work commitments, or unforeseen family obligations. Your child might suddenly become sick. You might suddenly become sick or, worse, injured. Your car might choose not to start with just an hour until race time.

Relax. We’ve got you covered with TicketGuardian.

For a minimal additional fee (purchasable during the registration process), you can safeguard your entry fees against the unknown. Your TicketGuardian coverage begins from the moment you purchase your race insurance until the start of the Epic Races event for which you purchased the insurance. TicketGuardian’s protection policy allows for you to get your registration fees back if you cannot attend your race. You will need to submit documentation to support your claim, but TicketGuardian makes the claims process as simple and convenient as possible by giving you the ability to either upload your documentation online at their site or email it to claims@ticketguardian.net.


Purchasing Coverage

Not yet registered for an event? Click the blue Register button at the top of your chosen race’s web page to go to our Run Sign Up registration site. Follow the onscreen instructions to register for the event. During the registration process, you will be offered the opportunity to purchase TicketGuardian race insurance.

Already registered for an event? Follow these steps to purchase your TicketGuardian race insurance:

  • Log into your Run Sign Up account
  • Click My Registered Races to bring up your race list
  • Locate the race for which you’d like to purchase insurance, then click Manage Registration
  • On the race page, click the Giveaways/Add-Ons button
  • Choose the TicketGuardian Add-On, then follow the onscreen instructions to purchase this add-on


Quick Claim-Filing Tips

Need to file a claim? You must present your documentation to TicketGuardian no later than 72 hours from the date of the race. Once your claim is filed, you have 60 calendar days from your filing date to provide TicketGuardian with any required and/or additional documentation to support your claim. Missing this documentation deadline will result in your claim being closed.

Documentation may include:

  • your Epic Races confirmation email, showing your paid registration fee
  • hospital release form
  • physician’s note (on office letterhead)
  • death certificate
  • emergency road-service invoice
  • police report
  • jury-duty notification
  • military orders


For full details and terms of coverage, please visit the TicketGuardian web site.