Tracey Koblarz: 2020 Heart Hero

Tracey Koblarz, an Epic Heart Hero, share her story:

While driving home from work on August 14th, 2018, my heart stopped beating and I crashed into 2 telephone polls. By all accounts I had no vitals at all for almost 30 minutes. I experienced a severe V-Fib attack and was not expected to live through the night.

9 days later I awoke from a coma with 9 fractured ribs, lacerated liver, two collapsed lungs, and of course, heart damage. In November of 2018 I was strong enough to start physical and cardio rehabilitation. I took it seriously.

In early January 2019, my friend who happens to be an Iron man, convinced me to participate in the Auto Show Shuffle 5k. When we competed that race in a wet, slippery, and snowy blizzard I was hooked.

Since that day in August I have changed many things about my lifestyle. I eat well, I no longer smoke a pack a day, I lost weight, I get the right amount of sleep, I see my doctors regularly, I have eliminated a great deal of stress, I am genuinely thankful for each day, and of course… I run!

I am not fast, I haven’t yet been able to run the full distance without walking some of it but I keep going. I have so much to live for. I’m thankful to God for a second chance at life, the doctors at Beaumont Farmington Hills for saving my life, and my family and friends for loving me through my recovery and encouraging me in 14 5k’s (and counting!)