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Virtual reality figures and multi sport racers in a nature scene

A “Virtual Race” is all yours! It can be done at any time and any location. You can run or walk. You can participate alone, with friends, co-workers, or even your pet. There are no parking problems. No crowds. No long port-a-potty lines. There is no start gun or nervous, pre-race chitchat with other racers. There is not even a starting line!

>> Why do a Virtual Race?

Top 10 Reasons to do a Virtual Race

10. You don’t need to deal with traffic or parking.

9. You can choose your own weather conditions.

8. Scheduling conflicts won’t get in the way.

7. If you have an injury, the race can wait.

6. You can use it as “training” to practice things like hydration.

5. You don’t need to set your alarm unless you want to.

4. You get a super cool T-shirt.

3. You get a fantastic finisher’s medal.

2. Do something for yourself that is all about you.

1. Each race you complete will also be supporting a great cause!

>> The Mail

All swag will be mailed via U.S. Mail to the address you used during registration.  Please refer to deadlines for mailing dates.

Prices are for U.S. mail only. International registrations will have additional fees.

>> Reporting

A virtual run is all about you, you do it for yourself so there is no need to prove your run… BUT… we love hearing about your experience and some of our virtual races will offer prizes when you race on our official course.  Click  here on posting results.

Swag >> The Swag

Virtual races have swag!! See your specific event page to see what you get for your virtual race!

>> Awards

Of course you can win awards! If you compete on our official course and upload your results,  you will be eligible for age group and overall awards. See your event page to find out if your race is eligible!

Of course, virtual racing is all about setting personal goals and achieving them so there is no need to actually “prove” your race, but it makes us happy! See all “live” and “virtual” races at