Virtual Runs with Epic Races

What is a Virtual Run?


A virtual run (or walk) is an event that you can run or walk anywhere: in your neighborhood, on your treadmill, at a high school track, on a wooded trail, at a state park… the options are endless! Epic Races offers virtual-run divisions for several of our races, including the  Pi Run, the Ann Arbor Marathon, the Ann Arbor Goddess, and the American Home Fitness Detroit Goddess, as well as the Shoe Year’s Day 5K and the HeartMIRun (our virtual-only races). Our virtual runs have a set distance for you to complete — a 5K, 10K, or a half marathon— by the date of the actual race. By participating in an Epic Races virtual run, you are running with us in spirit!


How to Participate in a Virtual Run

To take part in an Epic Races virtual run, select the race that interests you from our Events menu. Read through the event page’s details to familiarize yourself with the race, then click the blue Register button at the top of the page. You will be redirected to our registration service, Run Sign Up, where you can select the virtual run option, then follow the on-screen advice to register.

When race day approaches, suit up and run or walk anywhere! You don’t have to do your virtual run on race day — you can do it a day or even a week ahead — but you will need to complete it by the end of race day. Run with your dog. Run with your friend. Take a group of friends out for a nice, long walk. Enjoy yourself!

OncPiRunVirtualCe you have completed your virtual run, go to the Epic Races Facebook page, click Events, and select your virtual run event (or, for Goddess events, the Goddess Racing Facebook page) and post a photo of your smartphone app or GPS system displaying the distance you completed. Post a photo of yourself, of the trail you ran, of anything to help make your part of our event more visual. Cheer on other virtual runners and everyone who participated in the event, either virtually or at the venue. If you prefer, you can post your photos and race report on Twitter or Instagram; we are @epicraces there so be sure to tag us!

Please note: sharing your photos and experience on social media is completely optional! You are not required to prove your run/walk to us, but we do encourage it to give your participation in your chosen virtual run more of a community feel by interacting with all the other runners and walkers.


Receive Your Reward

Once the event is over, we will send our virtual participants their race swag. You will receive an official finisher’s medal and an event T-shirt to show that you not only participated virtually, but you also accomplished your goal. Congratulations! You completed an Epic Races virtual event!

Please note: Epic Races does not ship swag to Canada or internationally. If you are a resident of Canada or another country and wish to participate in an Epic Races virtual event, please provide us with a U.S. shipping address.


Join Us!

Now that you know what a virtual run involves, it’s time to get in on the action! To see the list of Epic Races virtual events, click on the Events menu and select Virtual. We look forward to hearing about your virtual run!