Volunteer Jobs Explained

Volunteer Jobs Explained

Aid Station Staff

  • Ensure that there is an adequate supply of drinks (water and/or Gatorade) at each designated aid stations and continuously refill drink cups as necessary.
  • Hand out drinks to the race participants in a safe and professional manner so as to minimize disruption to their race: hold the cup out loosely with arm extended.
  • Ensure that the area around the aid station is free of used cups, bottles, and other litter and clear as much of this litter away from the race course as quickly as possible.
  • Pack unused drinks back into their cartons and place them at the side of your aid station.

Bike Marshals

  • Direct cyclists to turn the appropriate way at specific intersections.
  • Advise cyclists to stay within traffic cones.
  • Advise and keep any wandering spectators/pedestrians out of the bike course.
  • Assist and work with uniformed officers who will be directing traffic out of the course.
  • Control pedestrians crossing the course at designated points.

Body Marking (Triathlon)

  • All participants can be easily identified via their body marking as they enter any portion of the race.
  • This is done primarily for the benefit of our timing crew and photographer, but it is also a safety precaution in the event we need to identify a participant who may require medical assistance.
  • Mark participants with supplied marker CLEARLY and LEGIBLY on both of their upper arms, upper legs, and on the back of their left calf. If the race has both a triathlon and a duathlon, mark a “T” or a “D” above their age on their left calf. If the race has both a sprint and mini-sprint, mark an “M” or an “S” above their age. Please note: their age is how old they are on December 31 of this calendar year.
  • Be prepared to be redeployed to other areas of work where manpower is lacking after the completion of your duties.

Clean-Up Crew

Help clean up the courses, aid stations, transition area, and staging areas and pack up all event-related equipment (this requires manual labor)

Finish Line Staff

  • Hand out finisher’s medals to all participants who finish the race.
  • Cheer and support all participants as they approach the finish line.
  • Assist in removing the timing chip from every participant at the finish line.


  • Help prepare and put out food in the food tent.
  • Help to maintain orderly food distribution.
  • Keep the food area clean during the post-race celebration and clean up the food area once the event is over.


  • Check in participants who are pre-registered for the event.
  • Hand out packets/timing chips/race goody bags/T-shirts to the participants.

Run Marshals

  • Direct runners on the correct run routes.
  • Keep pedestrians off the routes.
  • Alert medical officers should any runners need medical attention.
  • Control pedestrians at designated crossing points.
  • Advise runners to stay within the cones along the routes.
  • Report any participant who did not follow the course.

Transition Security

  • During the Race: Transition Zone Marshals will act as traffic cops, directing participants out the appropriate exits at the transition area. They are also to keep any wandering spectators out of the transition area.
  • After the Race: Transition Zone Marshals continue to keep any non-participants out of the transition area. More importantly, check participants who are leaving to make sure that they are leaving with the correct bike. The bikes will have numbers on them and the participants will still be numbered (black magic marker on their arms and legs). Simply match up the numbers. Make sure everybody leaves with his or her own bike.