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Leaving No Trace with ZeroHero

Epic Races is excited to team up with ZeroHero and Happy Planet Running to make our races zero-waste events. By pitching in — literally — at our ZeroHero sorting tent, you’ll not only help keep our race venues clean but also assist in reducing biomass in our landfills and lowering our environmental impact.
ZeroHero setup for Recycle, Compost and waste collection
Here’s how a ZeroHero works:
Recycle: Deposit your empty plastic water bottles, soft-drink cans, and clear glass items here.
Compost: Place your banana peels, compostable drink cups, paper plates, and food scraps here.
Waste: All non-recyclable, non-compostable garbage goes here.

Not sure how to sort what you want to toss? The ZeroHero features visual examples of what items belong where so that you can easily identify where particular items go. The ZeroHero’s tent design also prevents wind from blowing garbage out of ordinary trash receptacles, keeping litter from spreading around our race venues and enhancing our participants’ enjoyment of their racing experience.

For more details about the ZeroHero, click here.